Product Description

SuperSlab+ is a cutting-edge engineered raft foundation and flooring system that
revolutionizes the way we build. Say goodbye to conventional concrete slabs and
welcome a new era of superior strength and efficiency. SuperSlab+ rises above
the competition with its unrivaled performance and innovative design, delivering
unmatched sturdiness and durability. Experience a new construction journey
where strength meets ingenuity, and foundations are reimagined for the better

Where to use SuperSlab:
SuperSlab+ can be used on all ground conditions regardless of your land
classification, including:
House slabs
Shed floors
Small commercial buildings

SuperSlab+ is an above ground engineered flooring system, known as a raft
foundation, that delivers the following benefits over conventional floors and
Speed of installation offers labour saving and reduced build time
Minimal excavation
Suitable for poor sites with low soil
bearing capabilities
Improved thermal performance (R value)
Easy installation of services
CodeMark certified and BRANZ appraised