Sunroom Puro Conservatory

Product Description

Puro is the most innovative and exclusive system for conservatories.‎ The concept of a flat self-supporting roof structure makes Puro a solution without rivals on the market.‎ With its modern and essential lines, Puro offers a new lifesyle, dedicating quality spaces and time to your wellbeing.‎

Puro offers innovative systems, rational and highly attractive, for the construction of conservatories.‎ Careful design with great attention to the choice of materials, the possible forms, performance characteristics and even the smallest details.‎ All structures are in aluminium, a fully recyclable material that permits compact but solid constructions, leaving maximum space for glazing to give plenty of light and lightweight structures.‎ The thermal break system gives Puro conservatories a high insulation level, which combined with suitable glazing helps to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, also reducing external noise for maximum comfort and relaxation.‎ Our uninsulated versions, with the same exceptionally high level of resistance to water infiltrations and inclement weather, will conquer you with their minimalist design and their strong accent on transparency, so you can enjoy the pure and luminous light at its very best.‎ Aluminium, available in an infinite variety of colours, allows constructions to fit perfectly with their surroundings, while interiors can be personalized by furnishing them to suit personal tastes.‎ A conservatory is a part of the home that can be lived in a special way, in relaxing privacy or with friends, enjoying a starry sky or reading a book, feeling immersed in nature but at the same time protected by the seclusion of the home.‎