Adlux Classic Roof Window - Fixed Venting

Product Description

Let the air flow in and out

Passive ventilation relies on the natural force of hot air rising and flowing through the vents and allows the exchange of cool to enter at lower levels (known as the stack effect). A vent roof window is designed to regulate the internal air condition without energy consumption. This is achieved through the vents which act as a source of air as well as an exhaust.

The Classic Roof Window Vent is perfect for areas where air humidity, moisture levels and heat can build up. Good house projects often use natural ventilation especially in the bathroom, toilet and laundry. Passive ventilation brings fresh air into your home and let stale air out. 

Get peace of mind with fully engineered frames and site-specific glazing! The Vent Roof Window is made up of a permanent perforated metal strip around the external skylight frame allowing it to become a constantly venting fixed skylight.

Classic Roof Window Vent features:

  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Custom shapes possible
  • Single/double glazing
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Compatible with all roof systems
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