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ST963 is a profiled metal roofing and cladding profile manufactured with four trapezoidal ribs of 46mm in height. Unique design enhancements stiffen the rib shape to provide industry leading resistance to both wind uplift and point load distortion. Translucent sheeting is available to match.

All Steel & Tube roofing, cladding and rainwater goods manufactured from COLORSTEEL are accredited with Environmental Choice which contributes to Homestar and Greenstar.


  • ST963 is manufactured in Auckland and Christchurch
  • Minimum pitch 3°
  • Superior rib strength resulting in less damage to roof during both construction and serviceable life.
  • Groove at rib apex adds strength.
  • 46mm rib height — reduced fixing costs due to shorter screws.
  • 4 rib profile – potentially reducing fixings required.
  • Extended leg on under lap rib prevents distortion of the male rib when fastened.
  • Notching/rake cutting — less time cutting around ribs.
  • 3 pans leads to a time saving in turn up/turn down.
  • 230mm wide pan means it is easy to walk over the roof.
  • Strong pan swages means reduced damage from foot traffic.
  • Distinct capillary groove creates positive water tight lap.
  • Lapping innovation eliminates creep during installation.     
  • Profile washer — unique design very strong for high wind loads.
  • Purlin spacing is up to 4.5m in .55 and 3m .40 (subject to design loading).
  • Easy to attach solar installations for commercial and residential.


  • Commercial and Industrial roofing and cladding
  • Residential roofing and cladding
  • Drape Curving
  • Steel & Tube ST963 is available in a variety of materials to suit the environment including galvanised, Zincalume and Aluminium.
  • Matching glass reinforced natural lighting sheets are available in trafficable, non-trafficable,thermal and condensation control and fire ratings to suit your project.
  • A full range of matching accessories are available including ridging, underlays, safety mesh, fasteners and rainwater systems.

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