Spanguard Retractable Mesh Safety Barrier - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description


Retractable light traffic barrier

A versatile and easy to remove barrier that is an economical option for separating and defining large work areas and walkways, providing a substantial visible and physical barrier.

Ideal for: Separating and defining large work areas, work stations, long walkways and interior loading docks.


Maximum Width:  18.3m clear span
Strength:  Stops 90kg of force
Curtain Height:  915mm
Height of curtain off floor:  1220mm





The SpanGuard product provides both a substantial visual and physical barrier. It is difficult for personnel to go through or over because of its solid curtain and height above floor, and being able to stop 90kg of force means most minor traffic accidents will be prevented. 




Often, barriers need to be easily removed for unobstructed access to the area they protect, and that’s why the SpanGuard was designed to be easily retractable, rolling up on itself back into its casing. 




Because plant operations change over time, flexibility and the ability to relocate barriers at minimal cost are important.