Safetor Anchor Multi-line System

Product Description

Features of the Safetor Multi system:
(1) Lifeline system
(2) Each anchor can be used for Fall-arrest
(3) Each anchor can be used for Abseiling
(4) All Intermediate anchors can be used as recovery anchors
(5) The line system can be easily retrofitted to existing Safetor Anchors
(6) All Intermediate anchors have an eye on either side of the main anchor eyes so people can work from either side at the same time.
(7) People can travel around the line system while others utilize the rest of the system at the same time.

Safety value:
Collins Corporation Ltd takes height safety very seriously, as indicated in the products we have designed to date. Our product is the first multi functioning system to combine a fall arrest, abseil, recovery and horizontal lifeline system all into one, so this system has a greater safety value which combines a full multi system at the time of installation. It can also be retrofitted easily to our existing Structural, Tri Chem or Poly panel anchors.

Health and Safely Regulations:
When working at height, you cannot work in fall arrest as so many people do with other systems. By using our Safetor Anchor Multi-line System we can offer everybody a secondary system to further reduce risk of serious harm or injury. The system also offers an instant recovery anchor point if a user does fall.

By incorporating the Safetor Anchor Multi-line System into your building designs, you are protecting yourself against prosecution as it is a complete system. SAMS has everything built into it from a travel system, rescue anchors, while still having abseil and work position anchor points to work from. This system leaves no room for interpretation.