S/E015HP High Profile height Safety Anchor

Product Description

The S/E 015HP anchor is designed to be bolted to 4 x 2 timber trusses / timber Purlins or steel purlins.
This High Profile anchor can be used for Fall-Arrest, Abseil and as an end anchor for lifelines.
Manufactured from 30mm Mild Steel solid bar with an overall height of 335mm.
Mounting plate is 4mm thick Mild Steel with 3 x 16mm holes on either side of the main shaft.
This anchor comes with a backing plate which matches the mounting plate.

Safetor structural roof anchors meet all the following relevant performance and testing requirements of the AS/NZS Standards. AS/NZS 5532 : 2013, AS/NZS 1891.4: 2009, AS/NZS 1891.2: 2001, AS/NZS 4488.1 & 2: 1997 and performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Ultimate Strength
End anchor for horizontal line - 44kN
1 person - Free Fall Arrest - 15kN
2 person - Free Fall Arrest - 21kN

1 Person - Limited Free Fall Arrest -12kN

 1. Anchorage strength applicable when using a restraint technique, is either 15kN or 12kN depending on whether the ultimate fall is free-fall or limited free-fall.
2. 'Ultimate strength' means that the anchorage may
yield at the stated load but must not fail.