Rustic Ledge - Cambridge - ELDORADO STONE

Product Description

Contemporary colours combined with the same rugged South Island profile of Rustic Ledge. All the detail and traditional shapes with a colour range of chalky whites and greys and caramel accents.

Eldorado 'Rustic Ledge' Manufactured Individual Stones: Precast individual imitate stone pieces with a factory-prepared back face. Manufactured from lightweight aggregates, Portland cement and iron oxide pigments. Varying sized stones 150mm - 500mm long x 25mm - 125mm high x 50mm nominal thickness, 45kg/m2 approximate weight. Includes matching 90° external cornerstones. Stonework mortar finish can be Recessed Pointed or Flush Bagged - as specified below.
Rustic Ledge stones shall be installed to provide a uniform layered effect over the stonework façade and mortar bonded to a properly prepared 7.5mm or 9.0mm (as selected) thick fibre cement sheet substrate installed over a 20mm drained cavity.
Rustic Ledge stone colour: 'Cambridge' (chalky creams, greys and tan).

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