Stacked Stone - Old English - ELDORADO STONE

Product Description

The classic elegance and intricate detail of small layered stones combined with the simplicity of a panel system give this stone the appearance of a precision hand laid drystack set. Comes in 3 panel sizes 100high x200mm 100x300 and 100x500mm long.

Stacked Stone colours are:
Old English - white, creams and touches of grey and amber
Slate Grey - various shades of blueish grey, odd touch of rose.
Bluestone - Darker shades of blueish grey, with hints of charcoal

Eldorado Stone is made from Portland cement, high quality mineral oxides and light weight aggregates. It is this light weight characteristic that enables Eldorado to be effectively used where the shear weight of real stone would restrict the application capabilities. Eldorado is also fixed to the wall using specialty mortar mixes or tile adhesives eliminating the need for extensive footings and engineering otherwise required with the applicartion of real stone. This enables our product to be used extensively above windows and roof lines and on second floor applications over standard timber framing.

Eldorado is generally applied as a decorative slip over an approved fibre cement board system (see further notes and in FAQs) but can also be applied over brick, concrete blocks and even some plaster applications.

Eldorado Stone should be treated at all times as a decorative finish to suitable substrates, meaning that careful and strict attention should be carried out to fully waterproof, including all flashings and sealing, the substrate before the stone is applied. All details, workmanship and systems should meet E2 and local authority requirements.

Where possible we encourage the use of corner stones, trim and a few simple rules of application to best replicate the depth, dimension and believability of stone usage. We have included a few simple suggested details of how best to use Eldorado, the difference between pasting stone on to a surface and working with stone so that it becomes an integral component of a structure. It doesn’t take a trained professional to notice the difference.

Eldorado Stone. See it and Believe it™.

Successfully completed testing for E2/VM1 (Weathertightness) meets:

  • B1/AS1 (Structure)
  • B2/AS1 (Durability)
  • C3 (Spread of Fire)
  • F2 (Hazardous Building Materials)

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  • Weight: Average weight 51kg/m2
  • Thickness: Ranges from 20 - 75mm, average 50mm
  • Thermal: R Factor = 0.6, varies with thickness
  • Combustion: Zero flame spread, zero fuel contributed, zero smoke developed
  • Substrates: Fibre Cement Board, Concrete block, brick, tilt slab or formed concrete