Country Rubble - Serrano - ELDORADO STONE

Product Description

Rough, irregular shaped individual stones form part of an intricate mosaic pattern with natural earthy colours as though they have been dug out of the countryside.

Eldorado 'Country Rubble' Manufactured Individual Stones: Precast individual imitate stone pieces with a factory-prepared back face.

Manufactured from lightweight aggregates, Portland cement and iron oxide pigments.

Varying sized stones 100mm - 450mm long x 50mm - 100mm high x 50mm nominal thickness, 44kg/m2 approximate weight. Includes matching 90° external cornerstones. Stonework mortar finish can be Pointed or Bagged - as specified below.

Country Rubble stones shall be installed to provide a uniform layered effect over the stonework façade and mortar bonded to a properly prepared 7.5mm or 9.0mm (as selected) thick fibre cement sheet substrate installed over a 20mm drained cavity.

Country Rubble stone colour: 'Serrano' (earthy browns and greys).

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