Revolution Fan - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description

Large Industrial Ceiling Fan Circulating air over a large diameter, these over-sized fans drive down energy costs to a level you will be comfortable with, and increase employee productivity.

Ulti Groups oversize fans offer year round comfort, increased energy savings and numerous other benefits, and they only cost a few cents an hour to operate. A single Revolution Fan can eliminate up to 20 smaller floor fans.

Minimum Diameter: 2.5m
Maximum Diameter: 7.3m


Features and Benefits

Cooling -  Increased air movement a Revolution Fan creates and its evaporate cooling effect can make the air in your facility feel up to 6°C cooler. Air speed produces a wind chill factor which lowers the temperature, giving a person the sensation of being in a lower temperature than the actual measured temperature. 

Heating - Revolution Fans operating in the winter will mix the warmer air at the ceiling with the cooler air at the floor to even the temperature throughout the space. This reduces the stress on your other heating means for heating your facility. 

Comfort - Revolution Fans provide year-round comfort for employees, customers or other visitors to your facility. While they help keep people cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, they also can help reduce the chance of a heat stress and help eliminate illness caused by improving indoor air quality in “sick” buildings. 


Ideal for

  • Food manufactures
  • Swimming pools
  • School halls and gymnasiums
  • Fruit packing houses
  • Large retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Production Centres
  • Heat Intensive Industries