Pro-Joist Saddle Flashing

Product Description

The Pro-Joist saddle flashing is a moulded , one piece flashing for waterproofing the junction where a timber joist or rafter cantilevers through from inside the building to the outside. The Pro-Joist is manufactured from a single piece of UV stabilised polypropylene. The Pro-Joist is designed to flash dressed timber 47mm or 94mm thick and up to 250mm deep. The flashing has indication marks to show where the excess is to be cut away when fitting joists smaller than 250mm deep. It is the role of the saddle flashing as a secondary line of defence to control any moisture and redirect it to the exterior without contacting the internal framing timbers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pro-Joist has no laps or joins.
  • BRANZ appraised for use in all wind zones up to and including very high.
  • Superior and cost effective saddle flashing.
  • Tough and durable yet flexible for ease of installation.
  • Pro-Joist is not effected by glues, silicones or timber treatments.
  • Pro-Joist can be easily cut with a knife or saw to fit any depth joist up to 250mmm deep.
  • Available to fit 47mm or 94mm wide timber.
  • The flanges on the Pro-Joist are designed to spring back against the inside surface of the cladding to ensure a superior weather seal.
  • Pro-Joist can be painted to match colour requirements.
  • Will not crack or corrode.
  • Pro-Joist will not split when nailed through even in cold conditions.
  • Meets the requirements of NZBC Clause E2.3.2