Trade Seal

Product Description

TRADE-SEAL is a one piece self adhesive collar for sealing around pipe and conduit to provide an air and moisture seal.
Trade-Seals can be used on all BRANZ appraised flexible wall underlays and RAB systems.

Trade-Seals require no adhesives or fixings to hold in place & can be exposed to UV for 90 days.

Trade-Seals boot is made up of an elastic EPDM sleeve with an acrylic self-adhesive flange.

Trade-Seals can be retro-fitted from the interior by fixing to the rear of the flexible underlay or RAB with the boot pushed outwards.

Sizes available:
8-12 mm
15-22 mm
25-32 mm
42-55 mm
50-70 mm
75-90 mm
100-110 mm
125-135 mm
150-165 mm
200-220 mm