NZ Radiata Structural

Product Description

Plytech NZ Radiata Structural is manufactured using only renewable plantation grown NZ Radiata Pine and meets NZ Building Codes according to AS/NZS 2269. Plytech NZ Radiata Structural is a general purpose construction plywood and is available in different appearance grades depending on the application. Available both untreated and treated.



  • Structural applications for residential, commercial and industrial construction. Farm buildings and other agricultural uses. Bracing, cladding, internal panelling, flooring and roofing. Packaging, joinery, furniture.



Radiata Decorative is pale-yellow to pinkish-brown in colour with a figured grain and uniform texture.

  • A grade – top quality clear veneer with only extremely minor filled splits.
  • S grade – selected decorative clear veneer with minor filled splits and small filled holes.
  • C grade – sanded veneer face allowing for small sound knots and filled knots and splits.
  • D grade – Unsanded veneer face allowing for open defects. Non-appearance grade.


Technical Specifications:

  • Standard – AS/NZS 2269
  • Wood Raw Material – Pinus Radiata
  • Density – average 500kg/m3
  • Class – Softwood, non-durable
  • Glue Bond – A Bond Exterior
  • Glue Formaldehyde Emissions E0 < 0.3mg/L
  • (AS/NZS 2098.11).