Birch S/BB Select

Product Description

Birch S/BB Select is a European Birch panel. The high quality of the S-grade face veneer allows for minor imperfections and occasional small pin knots. And the BB back allows for slightly larger inter-grown knots and repairs, making it ideal for office and shop fit-outs. Discolouration and mineral streaks are permitted. Birch S/BB Select features an attractive multi-ply edge detail, which can be accentuated with a clear finish.

Key Features

  • European Birch panel – unfinished
  • Straight grain and fine texture
  • Product colour can range from creamy white to biscuit
  • Attractive multi-ply edge detail which can be accentuated with a clear finish


  • 6mm, 9mm 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 35mm 2440x1220

Scope of use

  • Joinery
  • Furniture
  • School, office and shop fittings
  • Wall and ceiling lining


  • Quality Management Standard: EN 13986:2004
  • ULEF: No harmful emissions
  • FSC Certified
  • PEFC Certified