Product Description


MAXSpan delivers the benefits of MAXRaft® to the upper levels of your home.

Suitable for use on multi-storey buildings, above basements or on incline sites, MAXSpan will allow you to use a concrete floor above the foundation. The benefits of an above the foundation concrete floor include

• Increased structural integrity;
• Improved underfloor heating efficiency;
• Reduced noise transfer between rooms.
• MAXSpan can be used in conjunction with MAXRaft®, MAXWaffleRaft and retaining walls.


Product Features

• Suitable for multi-level buildings and incline sites;
• Can be used to bridge enclosed spaces;
• Increased thermal efficiency;
• Less time required on site;
• Site-specific engineering;
• Reliable, proven construction details;
• Achieves an R Value of ~R4.5 according to floor type. 


Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft®, we work with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft® foundations and can pre-empt council queries.

We can also prepare and deliver PS4 sign off for each project.