Product Description

MAXRaft 320/340/400/420/620mm is our solution for an insulated slab being built on less stable ground, in particular, the TC2 type ground encountered in Christchurch or when moderately or highly expansive soils are encountered. MAXRaft is engineered to be seismically stronger in earthquake conditions compared to traditional concrete foundations.

The MAXEdge Perimeter Insulation and load bearing thickenings from our standard MAXSlab remain similar, ensuring that your perimeter and load bearing walls can be supported while maintaining the thermal envelope around the house.

The infill area of the slab is changed somewhat, engineered to provide stiffened insulated ribs throughout the floor with the additional advantage of maintaining a thermal break around the foundation rather than transferring heat directly to the ground between the ribs where it is lost, as is the case with traditional raft floors.

Each of these components combines to give you superior R-values and thermal efficiency.

Product Features

• Suitable for TC2 ground / 200 KPA / Expansive Soils

• Increased thermal efficiency
• Pre-cut materials to reduce waste
• Site-specific engineering
• Reliable, proven construction details

Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft®, we work with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft® foundations and can pre-empt council queries. Local authorities may request a PS4 for engineering sign off, any local engineer can inspect the MAXRaft®.