Masons Masonry Sealer

Product Description

Masons Masonry Sealer is a penetrating sealer formulated for use on all mineral based – interior and exterior – wall and floor – finishing products.

This includes concrete walls, floors and driveways, plaster and mortar finishes, stone and marble, absorbent tiles and fibre cement boards.


  • Does not alter the colour or visual appearance of the treated surface
  • The water repelling properties facilitate ease of cleaning, hindering liquid stain penetration and induces the materials non-slip properties
  • Non-yellowing and UV resistant
  • Allows concrete to breath
  • Suitable for vehicle traffic


Masons Masonry Sealer, is supplied ready for use and can be applied by brush or roller. It may also be applied by low pressure spraying, but care must be taken to minimize flooding and runs. Coverage rate is 10-12 square metres of surface per litre and two coats wet on wet are recommended for best performance.


Has a solvent odour when curing. Although Masons Masonry Sealer, starts to act as soon as the treated surface is dry, it takes 24 hours to gain maximum properties.