Masons Keying Agent – Bonding agent

Product Description

Masons Keying Agent is used for bonding mortar, plaster, floor toppings, and concrete and renders to brick and concrete masonry without any need to hack the surface to obtain a bond. Can be used on new or old surfaces.


  • Masons Keying Agent can also be added to the mixing water to improve resistance to trace acids and alkali, as well as reducing surface dusting.


  • Can be used for new work or repair work
  • No surface chipping to obtain a bond
  • Will adhere to most sound surfaces
  • Resists trace acids and alkali
  • Faster application of screeds and renders
  • Not suitable when continual water


 Used as a bonding agent: 5m2 – 12m2 per litre. Coverage is dependent on the coarseness and porosity of the existing surface.