Masons Masonry Bond

Product Description

Masons Masonry Bond is an acrylic latex cement modifier and bonding agent for concrete, mortar, plaster, repairs, floor toppings, etc


  • Provides excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry plaster, fibre-cement board and most surfaces
  • Greatly improves tensile, compressive and flexural properties allowing thin section application of concrete, mortar, floor toppings, etc
  • Excellent bonding is achieved within hours of completion. Ideal for use in outside applications subject to continual presence of water.

Technical Data


MASONS™ Masonry Bond is slightly alkaline, therefore skin contact should be avoided. Gloves and protective clothing should be worn. MASONS™ Masonry Bond is non-flammable. If splashed into the eyes irrigate with clean water and seek medical attention. If ingested, again seek medical attention.