Marley Stratus Design Series®

Product Description

The Marley Stratus Design Series® includes Marley’s Typhoon® and Stormcloud® spouting profiles which complement the RP80® 80mm round downpipe systems.

The Marley Stratus Design Series® Typhoon® spouting and RP80® 80mm Round Downpipe is available in a range of colours, including the metallic range, Titanium and Copper, as well as Black, Grey Friars®, Ironsand® and FlaxBlack® – New Zealand’s most popular roofing colours.

New Zealand’s number one selling round downpipe is also a key component of the Marley Stratus Design Series®.  Marley RP80® 80mm round downpipes are easy to install, designed for the efficient removal of rainwater and are now available in a range of colours.

Completing the system is a range of components including joiners, junctions, bends and adjustable clip systems.

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