Product Description

The new LuxSpace Gen 4 combines the best of lighting performance with comfort. With multiple performance, sizes and connected lighting options available, there is a perfect solution to indoor and outdoor application in the commercial, hospitality and healthcare space.

This product is available in Tunable White.



  • Type:                 DN588B  DN589B   DN590B   DN591B   DN592B    DN593B    DN594B
  • System wattage:8W          0.5W       13.8W       17.5W-     23.3W       30.8W      39W


  • System lumen:  D100-      D125-      D125-       D125-       D150-        D200-        D200       

                              740lm      100lm      1500lm      2100lm     2600lm      3400lm      4300lm

                              D125-      D150-       D150-       D150-

                              760lm      1050lm    1560lm      2210lm                                                                                                     



  • Power factor: 0.9
  • CCT: 3000k (WW), 4000k (NW)
  • CRI: Ra80 and Ra90
  • SDCM: 3
  • Beam Angle: MB 34°(only available at faceted reflector), WB:60°
  • Operating temperature: 0°- 40°
  • Lifetime: 90,000 hours @ L80
  • Driver/Systems: DALI (PSD), Coded Light (PSD-VLC), Power over Ethernet (PoE)*, Interact PRO (IAR)**
  • IP Rating: IP20, IP54
  • Insulation Rating: CA90
  • Electrical Class: Class II
  • Input Voltage: 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Mounting Type: Recessed
  • Housing colour: White powder coated (RAL9003)
  • Material: Diffuser: PC

                   Reflector type: Faceted (C), Matt(M)

                   Housing: Aluminium die cast

  • Application: Commercial buildings, general lighting, hospitality, healthcare


*PoE available in DB590B & DN592B options only. **Interact PRO (IAR) available in DN593B only. ***When a new luminaire reaches 80% of it;s initial lumens (figures based on IESNA TM21 calculations)