IBS Hardboard and Hardboard Underlay

Product Description

What is IBS Hardboard?

IBS high-density hardboard is an impact and indent resistant, high-density hardboard, manufactured from FSC certified eucalyptus using wood fibres, heat, water and pressure. It is manufactured to have a Super E0 formaldehyde emission rating and has no added chemicals or resins. IBS high-density hardboard is available in four variations (standard, pegboard, tempered and flooring underlay).

IBS High-Density Hardboard intended use

Intended use for IBS High-Density Hardboard are:

  • For internal use in protected areas
  • For all uses where a high quality, paintable face finish is required
  • As a flooring underlay.

Key features

  • Highly impact resistant
  • Smooth, grain less and knotless
  • Does not split, crack, or splinter
  • Very safe to cut and easy to install
  • Multi-use product
  • Tidy up that work area with our pre-finished pegboard
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