Decortech Slotted Patterns

Product Description

Decortech has 10 standard slotted patterns ranging from 14 – 25% open areas and can achieve NRC values up to .80. Slots widths vary from 68-450mm in length and between 3 and 16 rows per panel.

Slotted perforations can have stepped slots for a concealed fixing option. Decortech can also create customised versions to fulfil any project requirements and can route to custom sizes as well as supplying negative edge details and specialist edge details such as mitres, rebates, and drop in tile profiles.

Substrates available are painted or Real timber veneer MDF or Firesafe MDF (Group 1s), Firesafe Radiata or Plywood. See our Technical Specification Sheets for more information on these substrates.

Data sheets are available below for all standard perorations that advise open areas and NRC values for all panels. Talk to us today about how to achieve the open area you require for your project. All panels come with Decoustic 85 felt bonded to the back as standard. Acoustic blanket can also be provided if required. All Decortech panels are prefinished saving time and cost onsite and reducing potential issues such as spills, overspray or damage.

Decortech recommend the use of an acoustic engineer when specifying the acoustic requirements for your project.

Shop drawings are done for all our panels prior to manufacturing allowing panels to be reviewed and changed as necessary before starting.


   Product Number    Open area
    SR1068     14%
    SR16120     20%
    SR3310     25%
    SR3310-CF     25%
    SR4450     14%
    SR4237     20%
    SR8120     20%
    BRICK     22%
    KRIS KRAS     15%