Decortech Firesafe MDF Panels

Product Description

Décortech Firesafe MDF achieves the equivalent of a Group 1S fire rating.  It is ideal to use as a substrate that can be combined with either a real timber veneer to provide a natural warm finish or with Décortech factory applied UV satin paint finish for a fresh, clean look.  A large choice of natural timber veneers is available. Standard paint finishes are Clear, Pure White, Serenity, Muddy Waters, Tranquil Space, Clay Cliff, Sands, Nightlife, Blackwood, Nordic, Blonded, Nude, Ash, Ivory. We offer paint in Satin with a selection available in a Matt finish. Other colours are available on request. All Décortech standard perforations are available including slots, holes and Multigroove as well as any custom designed perforations. Extensive modification can be made to our patterns, so please contact us to discuss options for stopping perforation around penetrations (light fittings, sprinklers, diffusers, PIRs etc) Standard sheet sizes are 2400 x 1200mm available in 12mm, and 15mm thicknesses. 2700 x 1200 x 12mm and an oversized option of 2440 x 1220 is also available. Other sizes can be sourced for large orders.

Décortech Firesafe MDF is ideal to use when the aesthetic qualities of wood or a high-quality paint finish are desired with the safety of a fire-resistant solution. Suitable applications include wall and ceiling linings, display panels, partition screens and acoustic panels especially for schools, hospitals, commercial and public buildings.  Our extensive range of Real Timber Veneers, painted finishes, and acoustic perforations can be mixed and matched to create the perfect panels for any space.

Décortech Firesafe MDF is suitable for use in interior applications only and is not recommended in exposed, damp or wet conditions as it can swell and break when in contact with water. It may warp or expand if not sealed. It should not be used in areas subject to high humidity.

Décortech Firesafe MDF is environmentally friendly and produced under an environmental management system that is certified to IS0-14001. Wood veneers are sourced from sustainable and renewable forests and EC, FSC and COC veneers can be provided on request. Due to our Paintline and the contained process of applying paint, our clear satin finish has low to no VOC content once applied and cured resulting in reduced Greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous waste disposal.