Decortech MultiGroove Panels

Product Description

Decortech Multigroove are available as either an acoustic panel with perforations both sides (15mm or 16mm thick substrate) or as a decorative panel with Face Side perforations only (12mm thick substrate). The face appearance of the acoustic and decorative Multigroove is exactly the same.

There are a number of standard options available with square edge or ship lapped edge details. The Multigroove perforation can also be customised so talk to Decortech about other options.  Multigroove is available as standard in 2400 x 1200mm sheet sizes however panels sizes are fully customisable and can be tailored to fit any space.

Substrates available are painted or Real timber veneered MDF or Firesafe MDF (Group 1s), or Plywood. See our Technical Specification Sheets for more information on these substrates.  Décortech panels are prefinished saving time and cost onsite and reducing potential issues such as spills, overspray or damage.

Decortech MultiGroove panels can be easily installed by screwing, panel pinning or stapling to wooden battens.  For stapling, a customized pneumatic staple gun is available on loan from Decortech subject to availability and terms and conditions.

All panels come with Decoustic 85 felt bonded to the back as standard. Acoustic blanket can also be provided if required.

Decortech recommend the use of an acoustic engineer when specifying the acoustic requirements for your project.

   Product Name  
   MULTIGROOVE 3/16    3mm grooves at 16mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 3/32    3mm grooves at 32mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 6/32    6mm grooves at 32mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 6/100    6mm grooves at 100mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 3/48    3mm grooves at 48mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 3/100    3mm grooves at 100mm centres
   MULTIGROOVE 6/48    6mm grooves at 48mm centres