Decortech Concept Tiles

Product Description

Décortech Concept tiles are designed to fit into standard 2-way exposed suspended ceiling systems, including existing installations. Concept Tiles are easily installed as well as easily removed allowing for easy access to services.  Exposing the grid systems creates an attractive detail.

Concept tiles are available in:600 x 600 x 12mm and 600 x 1200 x 12mm painted or veneered Firesafe or standard MDF.

Décortech can also create customised versions of the Concept tiles to fulfil any project requirements and can route to custom sizes as well as creating cut outs for sprinklers, lights or any other service penetrations required.

All Décortech standard perforations are available including slots, holes and Multigroove as well as any custom designed perforations are available in concept tile form. Our Concept Tiles come prefinished preventing the need for additional onsite trades after installation reducing costs as well as potential onsite issues such as spills, overspray or damage.

The computer controlled application of paint gives a high quality, run free finish each time and our UV coatings cure instantly allowing for high productivity rates and a premium finish, making it a cost-effective solution. Standard paint finishes are Clear, Pure White, Serenity, Muddy Waters, Tranquil Space, Clay Cliff, Sands, Nightlife, Blackwood, Nordic, Blonded, Nude, Ash, Ivory. We offer paint in Satin with a selection available in a Matt finish. Other colours are available on request.