Container Dock Leveller - Ulti Group Access Way Solutions

Product Description

Dock leveller for containers on trailers.

These provide room for the trailer under the dock leveller, so containers positioned in the middle of trailers can be entered whilst still on the trailer.

Container Dock Levellers are your solution to the problem of unloading/loading containers that are positioned central on truck and not sitting right at the back of the truck. The container dock leveller is designed so that the trailer can park underneath the dock platform allowing the forklift to access the container on the leveller with ease.

The levellers can be mounted inside the building with the cavity under the leveller or alternatively can be mounted in front of the loading docks.


There are three styles of Container Dock Levellers:

1) Container Dock Leveller with dock door to ground

2) Container Dock Leveller with dock door to top of leveller 

3) Container Dock Leveller in a poly panel pod


The style used depends on the facility and how the Container Dock Leveller will be used. Please contact Ulti Group for more information.