Cemintel Surround Wall Cladding System

Product Description

Cemintel Surround panels are prefinished, fibre
cement panels that are colour bodied delivering a
more natural appearance and depth of colour than
can be achieved with a standard surface painted
finish. They come trimmed and sealed in a standard
1200 x 3000 x 8mm size.
Consisting primarily of Portland Cement, wood pulp,
reinforcement fibres, air and water, panels have
undergone a longer, natural air curing process and
offer superior performance in terms of strength,
density and durability, making them an excellent
choice for commercial applications subject to higher
wind loads.
The range comprises 5 colour groups. Each group
has a foundation ‘Base’ colour and 2 complementary
textures/patterns featuring a matte finish. There is
also a ‘Secondary’ palette with colours that work
across each range. Panels come with a range of
colour matched rivets to provide a more seamless
aesthetic finish.
Panels feature a UV protective coating applied during
the manufacturing process. Rain water washes
contaminants away entailing minimal maintenance,
ongoing good looks and superior durability.

Cemintel Surround panels are pre-drilled and then
fixed onto supporting metal top hats using unique,
colour matched, stainless steel rivets.
The Surround system uses only one rivet type which
allows a subtle “sliding” movement across the
panel. This reduces the complexity of installation
and reduces the stresses created where panels are
installed with rigid “fixed” points.

Cemintel Surround External panels can be installed
horizontally or vertically onto steel or timber stud
framing or masonry/concrete using a proven and
versatile top hat fixing system.