Cemintel Barestone Wall Cladding System

Product Description

Barestone panels provide a natural, raw appearance
that blends seamlessly with its environment and
easily adapts to modern, contemporary building
designs. Barestone is available in four colours –
Original, Ash, Lunar and Graphite. As with natural
timber or stone, every piece is unique in colour and
patterning, reflecting the qualities of the natural
ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

1200mm x 2400mm and 3000mm, 9mm thick.

The panels are prefinished, square edged,
compressed fibre cement (CFC), consisting primarily
of Portland Cement, cellulose fibre, air, and water.
They feature Ceminseal water-blocking technology
and are factory sanded, ready for installation with the
NV9 Omega system.

Cemintel Barestone panels are compressed to
produce a dense 9mm panel that offers superior
performance in terms of strength and durability,
making Barestone External an excellent choice for
commercial applications subject to higher wind

Cemintel Barestone panels can be installed
horizontally or vertically onto steel or timber stud
framing or masonry/concrete using the proven
and versatile NV9 Omega top hat fixing system.
The NV9 Omega system provides a versatile and
durable façade which is suitable for an extensive
range of building types. Panels are pre-drilled and
then fixed with expressed joints to vertical metal
top hats using Barestone rivets