Cem-Gon Concrete Splash Removal

Product Description

Cem-Gon will remove concrete slurry, grout and plaster splashes from substantial intact construction materials including aluminium powder coated joinery, asphalt, stainless steel and copper.

Cem-Gon is a non-hazardous/non toxic formula prepared from natural and organic chemistry ingredients.

Application Instructions
To remove cement based product splashes liberally apply undiluted CEM-GON from a spray bottle. Keep a constant application of CEM-GON to the reacting surface while CAREFULLY working the solids with a hand held spatula over 5 to 15 minutes. Also use a blunt broad knife (25-30mm width blade) wit plenty of water flowing over the splash whilst lightly shifting any remaining residue. TAKE EXTRA CARE removing final layer of cement matrix to AVOID surface abrasion. Patience is the key. Rinse well with water. CAUTION: Age paint systems, take extreme care to avoid further deterioration during all processes. If in doubt take photographs or appoint an assessor. Protect all other concrete or cement based products, fibrolite, limestone, marble, plaster and gib surfaces. RECOMMENDATION: Do a test patch 1 hour prior to starting.

Storage and Handling
It is recommended that CEM-GON be placed in secure storage, labeled and out of reach of children. All containers must have securely fastened lids or caps. Care must be taken to avoid spills. During handling of CEM-GON protect hands and eyes from contact. Use plastic sheeting on floors. Protect clothing material.