Masons NZ Ltd

A strong tradition of innovation and accomplishment marks New Zealand's rich history. Masons embodies this ethos, founded on elevating the quality of New Zealand's building products through a commitment to innovation and resourceful thinking.

Since its establishment in 1999, Masons has become a key supplier in the New Zealand building industry. It offers a variety of quality systems and products for a wide range of building requirements, including an extensive range of exterior building products from the frame out.

The Mason's product range consists of the following:

1. High-performance pliable wall and roof underlays, rigid air barrier, and a self-adhesive weather resistive barrier.

2. The innovative UNI range of temporary weather protection—Flexible Air Barriers drive building productivity and increase secondary defense from moisture. 

3. Enviro cladding, flooring, and Intertenancy Wall Systems based on our Enviro AAC panel.

4. Construction hardware and accessories, including the Masons/Redway E2 cavity closers and flashings range. 

5. Masonry veneer ties and reinforcement products.