Product Description


Fast setting and drying, high performance, anti-efflorescence grout, polymer modified, for joints from 2 to 20 mm. Water-repellent with DropEffect® and antimould with BioBlock® technology.


Interior and exterior floor and wall grouting of all types of ceramic tiles (double-fired, single-fired, klinker, porcelain tiles, etc.), terracotta, stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), glass and marble mosaics. Ensures complete uniformity of colour, does not produce surface efflorescence, dries quickly and therefore floor and wall coverings are ready for use quickly.

BioBlock® technology applied to this product blocks various types of mould from forming and proliferating on the surface of the grout in humid conditions. Also, the use of special hydrophobic additives (DropEffect® technology) gives grouting mortars high water-repellent properties, making them less prone to dirtiness and with excellent durability.

Ideal for grouting exterior façades, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens. Especially suitable for grouting floors of supermarkets, highway service stations, restaurants, airports and public service grounds.

Technical data

  • Pot life: 20-25 minutes.
  • Waiting time before finishing: 15-30 minutes.
  • Set to light foot traffic: approx. 3 hours.
  • Ready for use: after 24 hours (48 hours for basins and swimming pools).
    Colours: 26.
  • Application: MAPEI rubber trowel or squeegee.
  • Finishing: Mapei sponge or Scotch-Brite® pad.
  • EMICODE: EC1 - extremely low emission level.
  • Storage: 12 months (23 kg bags), 24 months (5 kg and 1 kg boxes).
  • Consumption: according to the size of the joint.
  • Packaging: 23 kg bags, 4x5 kg and 9x1 kg boxes according to the colour.