Tundra Cladding

Product Description

Abodo Tundra Cladding is produced from New Zealand plantation Douglas Fir heartwood, sourced from forests in New Zealand’s central North Island. The harsh winters of the central plateau yield a dense, stable weatherboard timber, with rustic features and defects.

Tundra Cladding is CodeMark approved for use in New Zealand.

Rustic, full of character.

CodeMark certified for guaranteed acceptance with NZ Building Authorities and conformance with the NZ Building Code.
Natural Durability
This product is naturally durable, and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended.
Kiln Dried
This product is supplied Kiln Dried. This means that the weatherboards are “pre-shrunk”, and will be more stable in service.
Deep Green
Sustainable Wood beyond a label. This wood product meets our high standards, and carries Forest Stewardship Council Certification, along with an end of life solution.
Non Arsenic
Non-toxic wood. Arsenic is a common preservative for exterior timber. This product does not contain arsenic.
Red List Free
Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.
From $60/sqm + GST uncoated