Vulcan Panelling

Product Description

Abodo Panelling brings of the warmth of wood to your ceiling or feature eave. Contrast the beauty of natural wood with harder materials to create a beautiful balance.

Created from thermally modified plantation timber, Abodo’s Vulcan Panelling is a lightweight, stable timber with excellent thermal characteristics.

With a rich warmth and distinctive straight grain, Vulcan introduces the rich colour of nature into the room.

Modern, clean lines.

Natural Durability
This product is naturally durable, and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended.
Natural Stability
Grown trees experience resistance (like wind for example) perpendicular to the grain, so it makes sense to produce wood products which are also cut perpendicular to the grain. This product is vertical grain, which means greater stability, and less surface cracking. Naturally.
Kiln Dried
This product is supplied Kiln Dried. This means that the product is “pre-shrunk”, and will be more stable in service.
Deep Green
Sustainable Wood beyond a label. This wood product meets our high standards, and carries Forest Stewardship Council Certification, along with an end of life solution.
Non Arsenic
Non-toxic wood. Arsenic is a common preservative for exterior timber. This product does not contain arsenic.
BTL 15 Years
Highly durable wood. This product carries a Built to Last Limited Warranty covering wood decay.
Declare Certified
Declare certified Red List Free by the Living Futures Institute, the leading label in transparency for building products