Trespa Profix TS-EQ Concealed Fixed & Flat Panel Facade System

Product Description

Profix TS-EQ Concealed fixed, flat panel façade system is a unique
aluminium multi rail hanging system. TS-EQ has been designed and tested
to meet the seismic requirements of the NZBC. Profix Systems are tested
to AS/NZS 4284, compliant with the requirements of NZBC sections B1
Structure, B2 Durability and E2 External Moisture and meets requirements
of NZS 1170 proven by testing to AS/NZS 4284. TS-EQ has been specifically
designed for use with Trespa® Meteon® panels.

The Profix TS-EQ multi rail system accounts for trans-directional movement
between the panel and the built substrate. Panels are attached to a specifically
designed hanging rail system with concealed mechanical fixings and
vertical adhesive tape bond lines. TS-EQ is mounted on a structural rail that
has the capability to span between nogs, with the addition of support brackets
adding to design flexibility. Even the differential movement between the
panel and the rail has been considered. TSEQ can provide an engineered
seismic façade system when detailed in conjunction with specifically
designed seismic solutions for the other building elements such as structure, RAB and windows.

Trespa Profix TS-EQ rails are can be fixed directly or on stand-off brackets creating a deeper cavity allowing for greater design flexibility. Profix TS-EQ drains and ventilates at every horizontal joint where a specifically designed rail is fixed to the back of the panel providing mechanical support to the adhesive tape system. Each panel is individually framed allowing for individual movement of the panel. The system can be designed to take into account site specific requirement when engineering reports are supplied. Panels can be oriented in different directions for distinctive visual effects across a facade face.

Profix TS-EQ is further enhanced with an extensive range of Trespa® Meteon® colours and a full range of pre finished flashing components for windows and internal and external corners.

Scope: Where to use TS-EQ

  • Suitable for use as a multi-level commercial façade
  • Fixed over a Rigid Air Barrier compliant with NZBC E2/AS1/Table 23: 1 August 2011 and NZS 3604: 2011
  • Approved for use in wind zones up to 2.5 kPa ULS wind pressure or 64.5 m/s with reference to AS/NZS 4284. For use in wind zones exceeding 2.5 kPa wind pressure the system and fixings must be specified as site specific by the system suppliers
  • Suitable for use in all environments including sea spray and geothermal zones
  • Suitable for use with 10mm Trespa® Meteon® in panel sizes up to 3.0m x 1.2m horizontally and 2.5m x 1.2m vertically

Note: The use of panel sizes exceeding those noted above must be specified as site specific by the system suppliers

  • Suitable for applications where a serviceability seismic displacement of up to +/- 20mm on an inter-story height of 4m or +/- 0.5% of floor height is required. (The ultimate racking test of the TS-EQ system was 56mm on a 4m floor. The same system achieved 87mm under further testing with no discernible damage to the panels or system)