Tray-dec Accessories

Product Description

End Caps
End caps are used on Tray-dec 60 and 80 profiles to prevent leakage of concrete at the end of each Tray-dec sheet. The caps are self supporting and can be attached to the outer edge of Tray-dec sheets with self tapping screws. We provide two types of endcaps:

  • External end caps – Most commonly used and easiest to install;
  • Internal end caps – Used when full thickness concrete is required around the ends of the Tray-dec sheets.

Edge Forms

Edge forms or edge flashings are made to form the perimeter of the designed concrete slab. They are customised for the specific design based on the following criteria:

  • Height – to suit the slab depth;
  • Base width – determined by location of the slab edge
    whether it is flush to the edge of the outside beam
    or if there is a cantilever. If the edge form is part of a
    cantilever, then the fastening and the structural strength
    of the edge form needs to be considered.

Restraint Straps
Restraint straps are used to connect the edge form to the steel deck to prevent the edge form from bending outward. The length and formed angle on the restraint strap is dependent on the depth of the slab and the position of the steel deck. The restraint straps are normally spaced at 600mm centres. Restraint straps are attached to the edge forms and steel deck with self-tapping screws.