Tray-dec 60

Product Description

Tray-dec 60 is an intermediate decking solution with mid-range spanning capabilities. It is lighter and a lower cost than larger profiled composite decking. The minimum slab thickness for Tray-dec 60 is 110mm.

Adjacent sheets are joined along the overlapping edge using self-tapping screws. The inverted (rather than re-entrant) top rib maximises concrete cover for a given slab thickness and increases strength in composite action.

Nelson Shear Stud Placement
Symmetrical interlocking trays allow for simple and even placement of Nelson shear studs. Studs welded through deck optimise composite properties of the slab.

Quality Materials
All Tray-dec 60 is rolled from high strength zinc-coated steel coil in compliance with AS 1397-2011. Tray-dec 60 profiles are made from grade G500 steel and are available in either 0.75mm or 0.95mm thickness. Construction and composite span tables are provided for each grade.

Accessories to complete necessary formwork include internal and external end caps, folded metal edge form to suit the slab thickness and closure plates.