Terra Lana Pipe Lagging

Product Description

Woollen pipe lagging prevents hot water losing heat rapidly before it reaches kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps. It also shortens the waiting time before water runs hot at the taps and helps prevent pipes freezing in cold temperatures. To prevent heat loss, wrap the wool pipe lagging material along the whole length of the pipe, or at least the first metre if the rest of the pipe is inaccessible.

Terra Lana wool pipe lagging is available in linear or tubular format. Linear is a rolled length of 75mm width lagging that is spiral-wrapped around piping. Tubular is a rolled length sleeve that is slid over pipes before connection.

Pipe lagging made from wool is naturally safer and better for the environment. At the end of the building's life the woollen lagging can be recycled or composted where it breaks down safely and naturally. The lagging contains no harmful substances and requires no protective clothing or masks to install. In a house fire, it will not release harmful toxins.

L75 10m x 75 10
TUBULAR 100m/ roll 1