Terra Lana Wool Blend Thermal Ceiling Insulation

Product Description

Truss Roof Insulation // single or top-up layer
R 1.9 105 mm 19.105.870
R 2.6 145 mm 26.145.870
R 3.2 165 mm 32.165.870
R 3.6 180 mm 36.180.870
R 4.0 180 mm 40.180.870

Our truss roof insulation is supplied in a width of 870mm to fit between 900mm centre truss bottom chords. Rolls are supplied in 3.5-5.0m lengths (depending on product) to minimise joins and potential gaps.

Double Layer Truss Roof Insulation
R 3.8 210 mm 38.210.870d
R 4.5 250 mm 45.450.870d
R 5.2 290 mm 52.290.870d
R 6.4 330 mm 64.330.870d
R 7.2 360 mm 72.360.870d
R 8.0 360 mm 80.360.870d

Using our Truss Roof Blanket products, installing a double layer system is cost effective and gives higher thermal performance than using one layer of the same thickness.

When considering our double layer systems the truss heal height should determine the thickness of the bottom layer (allowing 25mm air gap between the top of the insulation and the roof underlay). This will give assurance of a complete thermal envelope and that the insulation completely covers the top plate. The top blanket layer is laid perpendicular to the bottom layer, reducing heat loss through potential gaps and thermal bridging through the bottom chord of the truss. This ensures higher thermal performance.

Skillion Roof Blanket Insulation
R 0.9 35mm 09.35.570
R 1.2 45mm 12.45.570
R 3.0 115 mm 30.115.570
R 3.2 140 mm 32.140.570
R 3.6 140 mm 36.140.570
R 3.2 165 mm 32.165.570
R 3.6 165 mm 36.165.570
R 4.0 165 mm 40.165.570
R 3.6 180 mm 36.180.570
R 4.0 180 mm 40.180.570
R 5.0 210 mm 50.210.570
R 6.2 240 mm 62.240.570
R 7.2 290 mm 72.290.570

Our skillion roof blanket insulation is available in a 570mm wide fold to fit rafters at 600mm centres. Folds are supplied in 2.6m lengths and range from 3-6 folds per bale. 

Skillion ceiling cavities can have a higher risk of condensation occurring (Branz Bulletin 610). Terra Lana insulation is hygroscopic (can absorb and release moisture vapour) so can help to mitigate condensation risks.

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