SunTuf Commercial

Product Description

Your long-term solution for quality natural lighting with a 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY


Suntuf Polycarbonate skylight panels' 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY will assure you that this superior, quality product is MADE TO LAST without deteriorating or requiring maintenance.

Far superior to fibreglass skylighting, Suntuf has been developed and rigorously tested to meet intense hot and cold environments while maintaining strength, clarity and durability for your long-term solution to translucent roofing that SAVES YOU MONEY.

Easy to install and with light and durability warranties, you will not regret opting for Suntuf as your solution to adding quality natural lighting to your building or structure.

Check out the benefits of Suntuf and why we believe it's the worlds'


Fire Resistance - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Fire Resistance

Suntuf holds a BRANZ Group 1S Fire Resistance. Under rigorous testing, Suntuf has a superior resistance of 20-minutes and 1 second before combustion caused by fire, compared to fibreglass which combusts within 10-minutes and one second, giving it only a Group 2 resistance level.

Energy saving - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Energy saving

With Suntufs’ lifetime warranty we guarantee you’ll save on costly power bills. Lighting represents a significant and controllable part of a structures’ expense, and energy saving has an undeniable economic benefit - all the while reducing the structures’ carbon footprint. With fibreglass’ tendency to ‘yellow’ and appear milky after only a few years, light transmission reduces rapidly. We stand by Suntuf so much so, we’ve installed it on our warehouses and factories across the country.

Light transmission - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Light transmission

Suntuf diffused skylighting provides a 180-degree spread of light that is far brighter than other products. This bright light provides unique energy-saving properties, saving you money on power bills. Suntuf offers a 25-year warranty on maintaining light strength. Fibreglass is known to discolour rapidly once it’s gel laminate wears off (around 3-years after installation), blocking light transmission and reducing light strength.

Glare reduction - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Glare reduction

Glare is created with light bouncing off surfaces. This is eliminated with Suntuf polycarbonate skylighting due to its’ diffusion and 180-degree dispersment of light

Elimination of dark shadowing - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Elimination of dark shadowing

Because of Suntufs’ 180-degree light dispersion, shadowing is eliminated, making it ideal for farms, sheds, warehouses and workshops that don’t have a power source.

NZ Durability compliance - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

NZ Durability compliance

Suntuf is B2-rated under the NZ Durability Building Code of Compliance. Manufactured to withstand extremely tough elements and high levels of UV, Suntuf is your durable, reliable long-term skylighting choice.

25-year loss of light warranty - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

25-year loss of light warranty

We are so confident in Suntufs’ ability to maintain clear light, we offer a 25-year warranty on consistent lighting transmission. Suntuf doesn’t discolour or become milky over time. It maintains it’s clear transmission year in and year out, maximising light transmission in your structure.

20-year hail and breakage warranty - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

20-year hail and breakage warranty

Suntufs’ impact strength and durability allows us to offer a 20-year anti hail or breakage warranty. Suntuf will not break due to loss of impact-strength as a direct and exclusive result of weathering, including hail up to the size of one-inch per stone.

Profile matching - Suntuf Diffused Skylighting

Profile matching

Available in a number of different profiles from corrugated iron to Plumdek and more, we guarantee we have a product to sleeve perfectly to your main roofing material. (MinimumOrder Quantity applies.)