SOLITEX MENTO 3000 Connect Roof Underlay

Product Description

SOLITEX MENTO® 3000 connect is a three-layer synthetic fire retardant roof underlay with a self-adhesive strip for sheet joins designed to be used with most typical roof cladding systems. While providing temporary weather protection it can remain exposed for up to 90 days.

Roll sizes 1.5m x 50m (75sqm)  or 3.0m x 50 m (150sqm)

Optional Accessories:

  • TESCON EXTORA is used to seal the overlaps
  • ORCON should be used in addition to EXTORA for sealing overlaps on a roof pitch of less than 15º
  • KAFLEX or ROFLEX Grommets are used to seal around penetrations
  • TESCON NAIDECK Double sided butyl rubber tape, used as a nail sealing tape on the underside of a purlin / batten on roofs to form a durable seal around nail or screw penetrations


  • BRANZ Appraised
  • Fire Retardant
  • Self supporting
  • Can be installed either as per E2/AS1, or separated from the roofing in the pro clima vented roofing system (see construction details)
  • High performance monolithic nonporous membrane
  • High water resistance: water column more than 10,000 mm based on EN 20811
  • Low vapour resistance: very low MVTR with active vapour transport
  • High durability under all conditions: unaffected by wood preservatives
  • Thermostable: thermostability above 100°C
  • UV stabilised: can be exposed to the New Zealand elements for 90 days
  • Integrated self-adhesion strip

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