Slimline® Mini Corrugate Cladding System

Product Description

Slimline® mini corrugate is a miniature version of the traditional corrugated shaped product and offers designers, builders and homeowners a unique and decorative alternative with the range of end uses only limited by the imagination.

- Strong and aesthetically pleasing
- Vast range of end uses only limited by imagination
- Unique close-fitting lapping edge design disguises lap lines

Roofing Industries Slimline® is a classic miniature corrugated profile cladding material, available in a wide range of metal substrates and surface finishes including galvanised, Zincalume, Aluminium-zinc-magnesium

- Residential cladding
- Interior linings
- External and internal partitions
- Acoustic linings
- Soffits
- Neighbour-friendly fencing
- Decorative claddings
- Signwriting substrate
- Spring curving

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