Whisperclad™ Cladding System

Product Description

Acoustic and decorative metal cladding and lining which offers noise reduction through its innovative pre-punched surface, and when coupled with a range of sound absorbing support systems which have been fully tested and documented by Canterbury University, Whisperclad™ offers effective and meaningful NRC values to the building designer.

Available as Corrugated, Slimline mini corrugate and Trimrib profiles, Whisperclad™ is generally supplied in unpainted Zincalume®, or prefinished Colorcote®. Other profiles and material substrates can be supplied to specific request


  • Variable perforation patterns meeting both acoustic and aesthetics requirements
  • Available as unpainted Zincalume or prepainted Colorcote
  • Can be manufactured and supplied in metallic colours
  • Each profile is manufactured to an exact length thereby reducing installation cost and unsightly joins
  • Variable void spacings and acoustic support materials meeting specific design requirements
  • Whisperclad is supplied with a strippable film surface, thereby alleviating transport damage


  • Interior decorative linings
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling paneling with end uses such as: airports, libraries, educational buildings, hospitals, shopping centres etc
  • Ballustrades
  • Security screens
  • Playground, assembly area covers
  • Decorative pergolas requiring airflow