Shugg Single Hung Window

Product Description

In this installation one pane of glass is fixed and the other pane moves up or down to give an approximate 50% opening. In most installations the top pane is fixed and the lower slides up for a ticket box, servery or pass through hatch. The pane of glass is counter-balanced by lead weights enclosed in aluminium box sections.

The single slider can also be installed with the top pane sliding down. This may be used when protecting a difference in level or as a cafe style window. Note that in this situation the user must reach to the top of the window to open it.

Further design options include larger box sections to move larger weights of glass, combinations of fixed top and bottom and moving middle panes or cavity sliders. Designers are invited to contact Neotechnical Industries to discuss their requirements.

- A vertical sliding window that has one pane fixed (generally the top) and one sliding.
- Wide range of glass options and widths are available.
- Guides are attached to a box section; larger box sections are available for wider windows.
- Lead weights counter balance the glass.
- No horizontal rails.
- In internal slider the bench top is free of tracks.
- Cavity slider option - single pane or panel slides into cavity wall.
- Roller bearing pulley and super braid cord for reliability and strength.
- Window can be locked open when specified.
- Custom made in a wide range of sizes.

Shug Hardware - Lock Options

- Shugg windows are fitted with a standard knob type spring lock with variable lock open positions when nominated.
- The alternative push / pull knob type lock is fitted to Shugg windows over 900mm wide (requiring two hands to lift).
- Knob type locks are coloured to suit the window frames.
- Keyed locks are available in white, black and satin chrome (lock closed position only).
- Keyed sill lock is recommended for schools.