Shugg Double Hung Window

Product Description

Product overview - Shugg double hung


Shugg double hung vertical sliding windows consist of two panes of glass, of equal size, that are connected by a cord and pulley system. As the bottom pane is raised the top pane lowers an equal distance in one action. The Shugg is an insert that can be installed into any brand of aluminium or timber windows and doors.

Shugg windows have proved to be ideal for the creation of full height windows without horizontal bars to obstruct views. Narrow profiles produce a clean line window that does not project beyond its own plane. This means that the exterior aspect of a building does not change when the Shugg vertical slider is opened. It is ideally suited for areas where a designer requires an unobtrusive ventilating window that is non-projecting. It can be used with confidence in residential, educational and commercial projects.

In an educational environment, the Shugg slider provides a robust window that is easy to use and which does not project into any walk or passageways. It can be easily opened even when reaching over a bench top and does not interfere with blackout curtains. In institutions, Shugg windows are fitted with a lock lift at sill level.

Main Features

- Two panes slide with one action.
- Provides high and low level ventilation.
- No projecting sashes.
- No rails to obstruct views.
- Narrow vertical profiles.
- Height from 600 to 3000mm - sizes outside these contact Neotec.
- Width from 400 to 1350mm - sizes outside these contact Neotec.
- Raking, curved or arched heads optional.
- No horizontal rails for unobstructed views.
- Needle bearing pulleys and superbraid cord for reliability and strength.
- Installation into hinged and bi-fold doors provides controlled non-projecting ventilation.
- Windows can be locked open when specified.
- Custom made in an wide range of sizes and shapes.
- Can be installed in tight or unusual spaces.
- Can be fitted retrospectively to solve ventilation problems.