Sanifos 1300 GR Twin

Product Description

The Sanifos 1300 lifting station lifts all wastewater from your building, whether that be professional premises such as an office block or warehouse or a domestic dwelling. The Sanifos 1300 can cope with WC, basin, shower, sink, bath, washing machine, dish washer etc.

The Sanifos 1300 comes with 2 single-phase high performance cutter pumps. Both pumps operate alternately for a durable and safe operation and provide a level of redundancy should one pump fail for any reason

The pre packaged pump station comes with an interactive and intelligent monitoring system: the SMART box. The 1300 liter tank has a large working volume for cost saving performance. The tank comes with 2 pre-assembled pumps, 2 isolation valves, 2 non-return valves, associated internal pipework and three floats. It also comes with a wireless alarm for added peace of mind

The Sanifos 1300 has been designed for use externally, it can be buried near the property to pump waste water up to sewage level. It  has been designed, tested and manufactured in our factory in France. 

  • Contains two separate load balanced single phase pumps with high performance grinder macerating pumps
  • In the event of inflow overload , both motors run at the same time or in the unlikely event that one pump fails, the other one will take over for a failsafe system
  • Pumps up up to 11m high or 110m horizontal