Product Description

The Sanifloor+ range by SFA allows a shower to be installed easily and economically without major work accessing sewer pipes. The pump sucks the water from the shower gully and discharges back to the existing sewer line. 

Sanifloor+ includes a suction pump and a choice of floor waste, making it possible to install a walk-in shower without the need for major building work. The wireless detection system in the floor waste makes fitting particularly easy. The replaceable detection unit also simplifies maintenance. 

Installing a stylish walk-in shower is easy with a Sanifloor+, designed specifically where floor drainage is required but where space underneath is limited. This two part kit with a powerful shower waste pump and choice of floor waste. 

Between the three Sanifloor+ variants, the Sanifloor+ covers all floor types. These variants include:

  • Sanifloor+ 1 for tiled floors.
  • Sanifloor+ 2 for flexible floors.
  • Sanifloor+ 3 For extra-flat shower trays.