ROFLEX 20 MULTI Multi conduit grommet for up to 9 conduits

Product Description

ROFLEX 20 multi is a sealing grommet ideally suited for quick and permanent airtight sealing of up to 9 penetrations of cables and pipes. It is made of strong and flexible EPDM and can be used inside to seal penetrations through the air-tightness layer as well as outside for penetrations in the roof and wall underlays. Cables and pipes can be pulled and pushed without damaging the air-tightness layer.

  • Suitable for up to 9 penetrations in the air-tightness layer, façades and roof underlays
  • Airtight & watertight for the life of the building
  • High-quality EPDM, extremely flexible and elastic
  • Excellent UV exposure – up to 180 days
  • Long-term durability

Multiple cable sealing grommet for up to 9 cables Ø 15 mm - 30 mm each

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