Product Description

Resene Resitex is a tough acrylic texture finish for beautifying and protecting concrete structures.

Available in four grades: Coarse; A 3mm deeply textured grade with a rugged appearance and the ability to upgrade rough substrata.

Medium: A 1.4mm Mediterranean style texture.

Standard: An 800 micron texture with universal appeal.

Plastercote: An elastomeric 1.4mm Mediterranean style elastomeric texture. May be overcoated with Resene Multishield+ (see Data Sheet D54a) to give a hard finish that is self-cleansing and virtually indestructible.

Colour: Satin textured.

Typical uses:
- Block and brickwork
- Concrete
- Fibre cement
- G.R.C. panels
- Monolithic building systems
- Primed galvanised steel
- Solid plaster
- Suitably primed wallboards.

Resene Resitex Plastercote may also be used on galvanised steel and Zincalume.

1. Weatherproofs concrete structures.
2. Remains flexible for the life of the coating.
3. Effectively disguises minor surface blemishes without changing the basic architectural concept.
4. Durability may be further extended by overglazing with Resene Multishield+ (see Data Sheet D54a).
5. BRANZ approved.
6. An Environmental Choice approved product.

1. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or when it is liable to drop below 10°C during the drying period.
2. Coarse textured coatings may increase lodgment of airborne dirt particles.

Please ensure the current Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are consulted prior to specification or application of product. If in doubt contact Resene. Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality Guarantee on Resene decorative coatings - see Resene for more information.

Resene decorative coatings are tinted using unique Resene non VOC tinters enabling you to achieve the desired colour without added VOCs.

Engineered Systems Coatings products are tinted using special Resene industrial tinters. Remember Resene can create a customised specification free for your project - contact us for more information. Order colour charts and drawdowns of Resene colours from the Resene website.